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Select a new report

Visioneo has an amazing feature to select wich report should be displayed in the portlet window. Click "Select a report" in the toolbar to trigger a dialog window, which allows to navigate in all your available reports and folders. Move the mouse over the miniature image to get more informations about the report features, author and version

Folder hierarchy

You can organize your reports in as many folders and subfolders you want. You neend't manage any metadata to achieve that, just create your own folders in the Visioneo report root directory, and copy your report within. You can even localize folders' names just like any other web resource.

Report informations

Both the miniature image (thumbnail), author name, report description and version are extracted from the report design. If the author has forgotten to fill these fields, they are just displayed with blank values in Visioneo browser and a default miniature image is used.


With the default set up, when you select a new report it is stored in your web session. Thus even if you leave this page, when you come back your selection will still be displayed, and when the session is terminated the default report will replace it. Of course it is possible to store permanently a new report in any portlet window by using the "Preferences" portlet mode. By default the "Preferences" mode is only available for roles "Administrator" and "Manager"

Toolbar options availability

The preferences mode mentioned above allows to control many portlet behaviours. In this example, it is used to enable the "Select a report" option, whereas it is disabled in most of other demo pages. Any toolbar option, and even the toolbar itself, can be enabled or disabled in a portlet window depending on your requirements.