Cascading groups allow to link report parameters and navigate across different levels. This page makes use of a 1-2-1 Liferay layout, very convenient to arrange external parameters above a report.

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Visioneo implements BIRT cascading parameters! This functionality allows to arrange your report parameters in a hierarchical manner, and then retrieve possible items dynamically through ajax requests.

Cascading groups can be used:

  • through the native parameters dialog of Visioneo UI (see image below)
  • through  native external parameter portlets, perfect for mobile devices

A cascading group is especially useful when we have to deal with very large combobox parameters. Typically we choose a category in a first combobox, and then select an item within this category.  BIRT allows to design as many levels as we like in a cascading group.

This feature is available in the professional edition only. Two demo reports dedicated to cascading parameters are now bundled in Visioneo packages of the professional edition.

To illustrate the flexibility of a cascading control, a time dimension is also designed in parameters of the radar report. We can setup any level of a group as "multi-value": in this example the first level (Order year) is mono-valued, whereas next levels are defined as multiple. 

Each time an item is selected, a BIRT task is dynamically triggered to get possible values of the next level. Eclipse designer allows to apply any kind of query & filter across levels. In this case, we run a query on a database table to extract existing order dates. BIRT is so flexible that we can even make use of multiple datasources within a cascading group!  See release notes of version 1.3 for more informations.