Professional edition Professional edition


Summary of the professional edition features. Please ask for further information at 

Extra features

In addition to all features available in the Community Edition, Visioneo Professional Edition  (PE) brings you exciting new functionalities:

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Additional resources

You account on will be upgraded, so that you can access to extra resources:

  • Eclipse designer development kit  A few resources we just have to copy under an Eclipse Birt viewer plugin, allowing to run interactive diagrams in a development mode.
  • Storelet portlet, delivered as a ready-to-go "WAR" package, including its source code under Apache 2.0 licence! 

Steps Steps


Firstly, if it has not yet been done you should  make use of the Community Edition in your context, with your own BIRT reports.  Well, technically this is not a pre-requisite but Community & Professional editions are very similar, they have exactly the same install process and architecture. Use and abuse of forums if you have any question about it!

Send your order

  • Create an account on, if not already done (click "sign in" at the top right corner)
  • Read and accept the License agreement of the professional edition
  • Send your order
  • You receive the relevant invoice by e-mail (short delay)

Install a professional edition package

  1. Once the payment is made, within a short delay your visioneo account is upgraded and you receive a licence key
  2. Now your account allows you to access to all resources at  New folders are available under the Download section. Get a professional edition package "light" or "quickstart" as you like.
  3. Remove "Visioneo Community Edition" from your portal if it was installed
  4. Install your Professional Edition, in precisely the same way as a community edition
  5. Copy your key under WEB-INF/lib folder of your installed reportlet application, and restart the portal

Getting started

  1. Your professional edition is ready to go! Check your licence key content under the "Admin" reportlet mode
  2. Open the visioneo knowledge base article "Getting started with interactive charts" and take a guided tour! 
  3. Drag external parameters portlet from your control panel, and see it in action with your reports! 
  4. Ask for any informations in forums or by mail!