Embed your own pagination widget using Visioneo client-side events
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Page navigation toolbar

When a report generates more than one single page, a page navigation widget is added to the visioneo toolbar. You can then use it to see the next / previous page and the first / last page. However it is possible in "Preferences mode" to set it up so that this page navigation will never be displayed, even if the report is multi-page. It may especially be useful for the reports which manage themselves the navigation with internal bookmarks, as described in next section.


With birt designer it is possible to easily organize your report in different sections, and link them to each other with internal  bookmarks . Obviously this is particularly useful for multi-page documents. In this example, the internal bookmarks are linked on the chart  bars, so that when you click on a bar the portlet displays the page containing the related customer.  

Furthermore in certain situations this may be a great  optimization to assemble reports using the same data query into a single multi-page report, since all reports pages are cached at generation time. 

Cache management

When a multi-page report is generated, all the pages are cached on server side. This way, you can navigate between them as smoothly as possible . For performances and scalability considerations, it is incredibly important to notice that depending on the way a report is set up, the related cache will be shared across all users, a group of users, or will be user-specific.