Ask for any further information at dpardon@visioneo.org30980 Langlade, France, SIRET 53023186900013

Licensee name

Licensee means physical  person or legal entity that purchases a Visioneo "professional edition" License. It is encrypted in the license key and displayed in the reportlet "Admin" mode

Mail address

Mail address used to create an account at It will be used to:

  • Send the invoice
  • Upgrade the relevant account, giving access to all resources for a period of 12 months
  • Send the license key file

Billing address 

Full billing address to be shown on the invoice

Product order

Select a product or describe a more specific requirement in the "Description" field. 

Payment method 

You will receive a mail with the invoice and a direct link to proceed to payment via PayPal

  • Credit card via Paypal

If you or your company don't own a paypal account this is the easiest payment method, please just select  "Don't have a PayPal account" option.

  • Paypal account


This order form is now deprecated, please purchase Visioneo PE from Liferay Marketplace


The price is 2150€ excluding VAT (*) for 1 server. This is not an annual price, but a one time purchase!  

Products are charged in Euros and excluding taxes.


Component upgrades are included for a period of 12 months from the date of creation of a key. Beyond that date, a license key should be renewed to take advantage of latest updates. If a key is not renewed, it will obviously still work with your existing visioneo version for an unlimited period of time.


This order will be checked within a short delay, you will receive the relevant invoice by e-mail.

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