Release notes v2.2 (DRAFT VERSION)

This version is focused on SVG enhancements for PDF and mobile devices, a new repository portlet and the integration of BIRT 4.4.2 

SVG charts in PDF 

  • PDF format now escapes "Use SVG" preference: when it is set to false (default), this preference disables SVG for all formats except PDF. 

It results in much higher quality than with other formats such as .png or .jpg, especially when users want to zoom-in within a PDF. Try it yourself with this PDF sample:

  • Configuration file now allows to setup which chart formats are supported. The first of the list is the one used when SVG is disabled:
As a reminder we want to disable SVG with other formats because:
- Visioneo portlet do not support drillthrough actions in SVG charts
- Most of Eclipse emitters (Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc.) do not support SVG charts
Though as you will see in next section there is still a use case where we want to take advantage of vectorial charts in HTML format, an then enable this "Use SVG" preference.

Flexible SVG charts in mobile devices

Version 2.2 comes with an awesome functionality: native BIRT charts are dynamically resized depending on the width of your device! This feature is perfect for mobile devices, and it won't require any change of your report-designs except setting the output format to SVG.

See it in action with a sample radar chart or even this one: for these demos you need to use a web-browser supporting SVG format such Chrome, IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android 4+, etc. Well, in fact all major web-browsers except IE8- and old android versions should support this.

Once the report is rendered, resize the frame of your browser or switch your tablet / smartphone orientation: the radar chart is dynamically resized without loss of quality!

New SVG portlet preference

Dynamic - Dynamic with limit

Repository portlet

A new configuration portlet allows to store the location of your report-designs in portal database (this location is what we call a "repository" below). There are more benefits than it might appear at first sight:

  • It is of course easier to setup a repository from a portal UI than it was by editing portlet.xml file
  • A new repository location is dynamically taken into consideration, without restarting the portal or visioneo app
  • Each repository is set up once and for all for each portal (production, dev, staging,etc.), we don't have to juggle with multiple portlet.xml configurations anymore
  • We don't have to update portlet.xml anymore after a Visioneo upgrade 
  • In future version v3: each company of a portal can have itw own reports repository

BIRT 4.4.2

Eclipse BIRT runtime is upgraded from 4.4.0 to the latest version 4.4.2. Major issues have been fixed in this version! 

SASS resources (Liferay portals)

Now css ressources are converted into a .sass-cache folder, using Liferay plugin JDK. It results in a more responsive behavior because Liferay does not need to convert it on-the-fly. Overall it avoids triggering jruby sass converter.

Robust export preference input

Now white spaces are automatically removed from the export format preference, and it is converted to lower cases

Reports browser enhanced

Folders can be expanded by clicking the name

Blank report preference

No report selected by default