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Getting started


You must have a portal implementing the portlet 2.0 specification. If you want to try Visioneo reports on a new independant environment, your best option is to download the latest Liferay version bundled with tomcat. This won't require any setup and you can run your portal a few minutes after the download.
Make sure the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) of your portal has at least 1024Mb heap memory (2 Gb ore more recommended), and at least 512Mb of permanent memory. Refer to your portal or your application server documentation for more informations about these JVM arguments.

If you already installed a previous Visioneo reportlet version, the safest way to upgrade is:

  • Remove visioneo through the portal UI,

  • Restart the portal

  • Install the new version

Install from Liferay Marketplace

If you work with a Liferay portal, then ignore the install process of this article and go ahead to Install from Liferay Marketplace


The install process depends on the portal used and your application server. Please see at the end of this article a list of tutorial links

What next?

Once your install is complete and you have played a little bit with demo reports, you can use the knowledge base to get informations about general use, development, administration and customization. You could start with

Please do not hesitate to ask for informations in forums or at

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Install on Gatein JBoss7 This article describes specific steps to install visioneo reportlet on Gatein JBoss7. Once the installation is complete, please refer to the standard "Install on Gatein" article for more informations The reportlet can be installed on Gatein-JBoss 7 since the v0.9.4. In this article, the bundle used is GateIn-3.3.0-GA-jbossas7, but it should still work with the latest bundle to download on Gatein. To use visioneo reportlet with a Gatein JBoss 7 distribution, as...
Install on Apache Pluto Although Apache Pluto is not really a portal, it is very important for a portlet project to run correctly on this container, for at least these reasons: It starts in a few seconds, and therefore is often used in developpements environments It is considered as a reference portlet container implementation for the jsr 286 specifications Some portals base their portlet integration on the Pluto source code (Jahia, uPortal) Thus, the visioneo reportlet is regularly tested...
Install on uPortal uPortal is based on Apache Pluto's portlet container. This portal is pleasant to use, and all reportlet features are supported from v4.0.5 uPortal release / v0.9.4 reportlet. Though you may still encounter a few display conflicts between the portal and styles generated by the Birt engine, please report these issues on the forum. Install the portlet on your application server This step will obviously depend on your application server. Most of the time, uPortal is bundled...
JBoss 4, 5 & 6 specific install note BIRT runtime and JBoss conflict Whereas we shouldn't encounter this issue with JBoss7, with older JBoss versions an exception might be raised when we install the reportlet or its libraries: 2013-03-24 13:37:50,894 ERROR [org.jboss.web.tomcat.service.deployers.JBossContextConfig] (HDScanner) XML error parsing: context.xml org.jboss.xb.binding.JBossXBRuntimeException: Failed to create a new SAX parser at...
Installation steps on Gatein Gatein is the original portal on wich the reportlet has been developed, therefore all features are perfectly supported. It has a great portlet container, and the general portal look is awesome. 0-Reportlet context name Gatein uses the reportet .war file name to set the application context name. Therefore, you should rename the downloaded .war file to remove the version number. For example, if you have downloaded visioneo-reportlet-1.2.0.quickstart.war,...
Installation steps on JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform JBoss EPP is a branch of the Gatein trunk, and therefore inherits of a great portlet container. It is perfectly supported by Visioneo reportlet. 1-Install the reportlet on your application server With JBoss 4, 5 & 6 versions, the easiest way to deploy the reportlet on a default bundle is: Stop the jboss server, Copy the downloaded .war under /server/default/deploy Restart JBoss (typically run.bat or With...
Install on eXo Platform eXo is a great java portal: intuitive to use, an awesome look, and a large set of web applications embedded. It shares the same trunk as Gatein, and therefore inherits of a great portlet container which is perfectly suited to Visioneo reportlet windows! This tutorial has been realized with the Open Source eXo Platform 4.0.6 bundled with Tomcat, and visioneo Overview Visioneo application has been originally developed on Gatein Portal, and consequently is very...
Install on Jahia Jahia has a nice user interface, however it does not have currently the best portlet container. Unlike other java portals, Jahia is mainly based on a proprietary concept of modules instead of portlets. This difference is exacerbated with the latest version tested (6.6.1), we hope this will be improved in the future but currently Jahia portal is not a good choice if you plan to use standard portlets. 1-Run the portlet manager You must be logged in your Jahia portal as an...
Installation steps on Liferay Liferay is probably the best portlet container available: it is powerful and very flexible for every kind of use. Visioneo website runs with Liferay 6.2. If you are not sure which portal to install to try the visioneo reportlet, Liferay is a very good choice. Visioneo Community Edition is now available from Liferay Marketplace! Install it in one click onto your Liferay Portal! Please visit this article 1 - Prerequisites A Liferay 6.x portal installed Memory...
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