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Release notes v1.2.2

This version mainly consists in a transparent architecture enhancement to solve compatibility issues with Liferay 6.2. and 6.1.2. A much awaited feature is also implemented, now we can drill within the portlet window, rather than opening a new UI dialog! 

Liferay 6.2 (Community & Professional Edition)

Visioneo v1.2.2 can be installed as it is on all Liferay 6.x versions, including the next version to come v6.2. The main remaining trouble between Liferay 6.2 and Visioneo 1.2.1 was due to Ehcache and has been solved (see next paragraph).

Styling conflicts with AlloyUI have been resolved, and as you can see in the screen below external parameters are now displayed in a more compact manner. Though notice we have carefully kept the look of new default Liferay themes. These css rules are scoped within Visioneo portlets and won't disturb other portlet applications. It is also important to note Liferay 6.1 takes advantage of these enhancements too, because its "Welcome" theme is very near from 6.2 themes.

Ehcache isolated (Community & Professional Edition)

  • Ehcache is not anymore set in the ClassPath of application servers . This is a widely used leader framework, we don't want to give a single chance to portals & application servers to introduce bugs and conflicts. In particular, it solves a bug encountered with Liferay 6.2 due to a new classloading policy. This new feature is completely transparent and it doesn't change anything in the install process, nor in the way we can customize caches in WEB-INF/ehcache.xml file.
  • Abstract cache API interface: if necessary, we can now  replace ehcache with any framework we like (for example with Liferay cache API, or why not a "no_cache" mode) by implementing a Visioneo interface: org.visioneo.cache.ICacheManager

Display of external parameters portlet  in Liferay (Professional Edition)

Now, native external parameters portlets are automatically displayed alongside each other (see screen above), even when borders are visible. In previous versions, we had to customize styles in "Look & feel" Liferay mode for each portlet to get a such result: by default these portlets were displayed under each other.

Of course we can also still arrange parameters all around the report as we like, such in this hypertree example.

With portals based on Gatein, this problem is not relevant because the container widget allows to arrange portlet windows exactly as we want.

Drill in portlet windows (Community & Professional Edition)

Here is one of the most expected Visioneo feature: now we can drill directly in the portlet window of a report, rather than opening a UI dialog on drill actions! In Eclipse designer when we define a drillthrough, a "target" property allows to control this behavior:

  • Same Frame => A drill action will replace the current content of the portlet window. 
  • Other choices => A drill action opens  a new dialog, as it already does with previous Visioneo versions. 

Both of these modes have their respective advantages and user cases.  For example with "Same Frame", subreports take advantage of the native toolbar to navigate across multiple pages. We can also use this mode to drill within the same report (let's call this an "auto-drill", by analogy with SQL "auto-joins"), in order to implement amazing features such  a dynamic sort.  A great economic demo report takes advantage of this mode!

Extended datetime picker (Community & Professional Edition)

In this new version, all options defined in the datetime picker plugin can be exploited (nearly 70 options!). See "options" tab in this documentation page. Just for example, from a report design we can now enable the "seconds" control for a birt datetime parameter, and disable it for another datetime parameter.

Datetime in external parameters (Professional Edition)

Datetime pickers and Timepickers widgets are now available in the native external parameters portlet

JQuery 1.10.2 (Community & Professional Edition)

jQuery has been upgraded to v1.10.2.  This allows to keep the best possible compatibility across web browsers, and to speed-up client-side performances. 

Issue Liferay 6.1.2 in IE solved (Community & Professional Edition)

With the recently released Liferay 6.1.2 there is critical issue in Internet Explorer, we get this error message: "Could not complete the operation due to error 80020101".  This is due to a Liferay bug related to MimeTypesit is workarounded in visioneo v1.2.2

Radio button parameters (Community Edition)

Radio button parameters now take advantage of the same enhancements implemented in the professional edition: labels are correctly aligned with input radios, and we can select an option by clicking on its label.

Themes & CSS (Community & Professional Edition)

  • Tons of CSS enhancements to make the user interface more isolated and robust than ever, whatever your portal theme is. 
  • CSS file size has been reduced in half, from 173Ko to 98Ko. In return, the "Lightness" theme has been removed. So now by default we have the choice between two themes: "redmond" theme (blue) and "smoothness" (grey). We can of course easily create new themes with JQuery UI Themeroller. If some of your portlet windows are already setup to use the lightness theme, they won't be broken by the upgrade: if the theme is not found in css rules, then "smoothness" is used.
  • An empty style file visioneo-custom.css is now added by default in portlet headers, making customizations easier.


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