Simple & powerful report server portlet for BIRT Simple & powerful report server portlet for BIRT

Version 3.1

Visioneo 3.1 beta has been deployed on the live demo server! Enjoy exciting new features including:

  • Drillthrough actions are now supported in SVG charts!
  • Upgrade to the latest BIRT engine 4.5.0
  • Reports are more responsive than ever, whatever your output device is!
  • New elegant secondary UI theme based on blue shades. You can of course replace it in minutes with your favorite jquery theme
  • Many minor fixes and enhancements


Full release notes 3.1 and new video tutorials will be soonly available

BIRT heatmap with a crosstab

Discover a new fully interactive report sample, showing how to implement an efficient heatmap diagram with a simple BIRT crosstab! 

  • 100% BIRT native: no client-side scripts nor any external framework. This report has been quickly implemented using the very latest Eclipse designer 4.5.0
  • 100% dynamic: crosstab dimensions are dynamically updated when we select new indicators or countries. Alert thresholds highlighting cells are loaded from a database table into the underlying BIRT datacube. These thresholds could easily be user-specific by filtering this table on  logged user identifier.
  • 100% interactive: drillthrough actions are defined on all data-cells and dimensions. A sub-report displays elegant BIRT charts highlighting special values such [min-max-first-last], and taking advantage of color coding to display negative values

  • This demo page makes use of an ergonomic jquery UI widget to select multiple indicators and countries. It is natively embedded in Visioneo portlet. 

Report view optimized for PDF

Here is one of the most interesting BIRT sample exhibited at the latest Liferay Symposium in Paris

On this occasion, a new "Export" view optimized for PDF had been added to the economic report:

This powerful view makes use of multiple master-pages and different background styles for each section. In PDF format, appreciate how efficiently BIRT allows to organize bookmarks!

Version 3.0

Visioneo 3.0 PE is available from Liferay Marketplace!

Visit release notes of this fantastic new version!

Transpose rows to columns with a crosstab

In reports it is sometimes necessary to merge multiple rows into a single one. This simple example shows a smart way to transpose rows to columns using a BIRT crosstab.

Description Description


BIRT is an amazing reporting tool, recognized as a leader in the open source business intelligence field. Visioneo reportlet is a state-of-the-art portlet JSR 286, allowing to easily  embed  in a portal your reports developed with the popular Eclipse Birt designer. Reports are then displayed in secured portlet windows, and you can interact with their parameters and drilling features. It can be used as a mashboard component in private users pages, as a complete reporting tool for your intranet, or even as publication / marketing reports on your public pages! 

Free edition!

A free Community Edition with a very rich set of features, and without any limitations in the number of users, reports or processor cores! A cheap professional edition is available with exciting additional features.

Visit our features summary Community (CE) vs Professional (PE).

Easy to install

This portlet can be installed in a few minutes on any Java portal implementing the Portlet 2.0 specifications: Liferay,  Gatein,  Jboss Enterprise, uPortal, Apache plutoeXo Platform,...

It ships with the Open Source Birt Engine in libraries, therefore you don't have anything else to install to make it work! 

Administrators can even install it in one click from the application store of Liferay portals !

Easy to use

Just drag & drop one or several Visioneo Portlet window(s) on your portal page and select which reports to display! Report parameters are based on jQuery UI framework, therefore your users can select which data to display with light, elegant and ergonomic widgets.

Open architecture

Works on both Windows & Linux, and most of J2EE application servers: Tomcat, Jboss, Sun Glassfish, etc. Supports all major web browsers (requires javascript enabled): IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, andro├»d...

Visioneo portlet can exchange informations with your own portlets using the standard inter-portlet communication events.

WSRP (Web Service Remote Portlet) is supported!

Fully embedded in portals

This portlet inherits security management, user roles, localization, dashboards, document management, workflow and any other amazing features you can get in last generation portals! The context of the portal is transmitted to your birt reports, such that it is possible for example to filter dataset queries on a user ID or on any security filter.  

Highly scalable

Effective massive parallelism, and a transparent two-level cache management allow to improve the user experience

Support the free edition! Support the free edition!

Support the free edition maintenance and development, with any amount you like!