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Release notes 0.9.1

The beta 0.9.1 is available for download !  Here are the main features / fixes:

Extended toolbar

  • The reportlet toolbar is now customizable: a jsp page has been specifically designed to extend the toolbar with one or more options buttons
  • A portlet preference is added to control if the extended toolbar must be displayed or not for each portlet window

Inter-portlet communication

  • In the 0.9.0, the reportlet already listens the events sent by the other portlets on the page. This way, you can implement your own portlet parameters, and  send an event to synchronize the reportlet content.
  • This new release allows to publish events messages from the reportlet to your custom portlets. This has been especially setup to work with the "extended" toolbar feature above.

Persistence management optimization

  • The toolbar "back" option is amazing,  but in 0.9.0 when you use it,  most of the time a browser page refresh will cancel the previous report. It is fixed in  0.9.1
  • When the toolbar back options is used, and then the parameters option is selected, most of the time the parameters values won't be synchronized with the report content displayed. It is not a major issue but may confuse users, it is fixed in 0.9.1
  • In a similar manner, sometimes when the first level cache is used, a page refresh cancels the last parameters selection. It will be fixed in 0.9.1

jQuery conflicts

  • If your own components use the jQuery framework on the same portal page, it may conflict with the jQuery included by the reportlet. This will be improved in the 0.9.1, by using the jQuery.noconflict() api.
  • An article will be available to optimize the use of jQuery in this kind of context (using the google CDN, load at the portal level, ...)

Portal integrations

  • The 0.9.0 release only works with Liferay, Gatein and jBoss portal
  • In the 0.9.1 release, the reportlet can be used with uPortal, Pluto and Jahia too! Concerning Jahia, there are still display issues in the page editor mode, but all works perfectly on preview/runtime.

Code optimization

  • The code is progressively enhanced  and optimized throughout the beta phase, to make it as efficient and maintainable as possible.



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