Smartphone devices

Here is a quick presentation of visioneo 4.0 abilities with smartphone devices. Just a few of the countless improvements this new major version will offer!
  • The native toolbar is collapsed in portrait orientation:




  • A portlet preference allows to embed toolbar actions directly in the default dockbar of the portal! Currently only a few demo pages have this feature enabled: for example visit this one with a smartphone, the result is really stunning!  

  • Super-responsive report parameters layout
  • The floating jquery UI dialog has been removed: report parameters are directly included in portlet body
  • The jquery UI "accordion" widget is removed: BIRT parameter groups are now arranged in elegant & ergonomic alloyUI tabs!



Liferay 6.2


  • The application is automatically taking advantage of your portal theme


Liferay 7 (v. alpha 5)


  • Light-weight javascript headers: the "Time-To-First-Byte" is drastically reduced! 

jQuery core and headjs are the only modules loaded in page headers: this merely weights 38 Kb compressed. Then a loading animation is displayed pending other required javascript resources are ready. 

In version 4, many javascript modules have been removed from the critical path of reports rendering because they are loaded on-the-fly when requested. 


  • Fantastic responsive reports embedded!



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