Animated treemap Animated treemap

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5 minutes challenge 5 minutes challenge

Set up a Treemap within an existing BIRT report in a few minutes and three steps.

  • Initialize a widget with the Visioneo API
  • Fill the nodes using an existing BIRT table 
  • Invoke the widget method "getRunAndRender()"

Animations Animations

This portlet window displays an amazing animated diagram. Animations emphasize zoom-in and zoom-out actions, improving the clarity of navigation. This is a 100% javascript technology: no plugin, no flash player. We can control from BIRT reports the duration and the number of frames per second. 

Drill Drill

The ability to define one or more drillthrough hyperlinks for each node is one of the strongest points of this chart. We can drill to any other BIRT report from the selected node!

Tablets Tablets

This setup with one sublevel displayed is fast and convenient to navigate with tablets.

Notice animations are currently too slow with most of IPads and Android tablets, they are disabled for these devices.